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Winter Ice Challenge - $495 per person

What better way to take advantage of our Alberta winter than to go driving! CPDA offers a driving experience unlike any other -- join us on a frozen lake and learn how to better handle your vehicle on an icy track with skilled drifting corners. Knowledgeable instructors introduce drivers to numerous activities including a precision slalom, drifting, track driving, and more!


This event offers a fun, non-competitive atmosphere while providing first hand experience how to better handle your car.  The event includes both classroom and real-time track instruction with certified instructors. CPDA helps drivers understand their vehicles by teaching the physics of winter driving.

Activity Descriptions

Precision Slalom:

Precision slalom introduces drivers to better handling of their vehicle under slippery conditions. Practice vehicle control while adjusting speed and breaking over an icy surface. Learn how speed and reaction time come into play, and obtain a better understanding of how a vehicle reacts in situations without ample traction control. Each attempt provides the driver with a new level of control as their speed and confidence increases.


Fundamental Circle Drifting:

CPDA’s Fundamental Circle Drifting puts drivers to the test. This exercise gives the driver a chance to learn about vehicle handling in a simulated drifting situation. By leading the car through a circle, the driver aims to keep their vehicle in a drift pattern, working with g-force and speed to improve their driving skills. The circle drift aims for the driver to be able to put their vehicle 180 degrees sideways and then return to normal without loosing control and spinning.


Beginner Rally Flick:

Introducing a true rally driving technique! CPDA takes drivers onto the track to simulate a proper Scandinavian Flick, which helps drivers keep a quick pace during corners. Heavily playing into the driver’s ability to over steer, the flick acts as a corner drift. When perfected, the maneuver will immensely improve the driver’s ability to control their vehicle while drifting, as well as increase their overall track speeds.


Driving on the ice track:

Drivers test their skills on CPDA’s ice track. Learn to master an icy track by controlling your vehicle on slippery turns and challenging straights. The ice track gives drivers a chance to utilize their newly acquired skills by playing with speed and handling to increase their driving precision.

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