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Novice Track Event - $695 per person

Enjoy a day out at the track with other driving enthusiasts. Socialize in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere all while learning from a first hand experience how to better handle your car. 


Discover the first steps to better driving. Enhance your skill level with exercises that can be utilized to improve your everyday driving skills. This fundamental event offers a professional classroom setting with certified instructors. Learn to better handle your vehicle before you even reach the driver’s seat. CPDA provides extensive knowledge to help drivers better understand vehicle handling by teaching the physics. Once your seat belts are fastened, test your skills with precise breaking, an emergency lane change, and a competitive and social slalom. Following these instructions, CPDA takes you out on to track to introduce drivers to safe speeds.

Activity Descriptions


CPDA’s Dynamic Braking exercise will help teach drivers to utilize their brakes more efficiently. By braking directly on point, drivers will learn to improve their reaction time and recognize speed and brake patterns. Dynamic braking also gives drivers a better understanding of their vehicle size and dimensions. Surface, speed and traction all play an effect on this exercise, giving the driver a safe demonstration of how their vehicle will perform by braking when required.


Aggressive Lane Change:

CPDA’s Aggressive Lane Change puts drivers to the test. This exercise gives the driver a chance to learn about vehicle handling in a simulated emergency situation. By leading the car through a tight gap, the driver aims to avoid an obstacle to better improve their driving skills. Speed and reaction time come into play, providing the driver with a better understanding of how their vehicle will react in an emergency lane change situation.


Auto Cross:

A crowd pleaser! CPDA’s Timed Auto Cross, combines the best of each activity to give drivers a chance to push their limits! Physics come in to play quickly as the driver avoids cones and begins feeling under steer and over steering. Quickly drivers learn the best breaking points versus when to use the gas pedal to avoid hitting cones. The more precise the run, the better the time, so drive carefully!


Guided driving on the race track:

CPDA’s Certified Instructors lead the way while drivers learn about the racetrack. By following the lead instructor car, each driver will have a chance to learn about turn-ins, apex points, and accelerating out of a corner. CPDA will teach drivers to properly maneuver through chicanes all while driving the ideal line of a professional driver.

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