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Group Driving Experience


Introducing Alberta’s most exclusive new driving experience. 


Canadian Performance Driving Academy is a premium driving school based in Edmonton, Alberta. Mentored by lead instructor Yoshi Hildenbrand, CPDA provides quality programs to improve driving skills on and off the track. With an extensive background in driver training and event hosting, CPDA’s knowledgeable staff introduce participants to valuable driving skills, in a safe, controlled environment. These events can be catered to any group including; car clubs, dealer groups, company events, and more!


Canadian Performance Driving Academy’s Group Driving Experience is your company’s opportunity to partner with CPDA to do a unique group experience driving on the track or ice in Alberta! Suggested group events include:

Model Launches - Looking for a unique way to introduce a new model? Let CPDA demonstrate how your brand provides the best driving experience. Invite current and potential customers out for the ultimate performance test drive!


Customer Appreciation Day – CPDA can provide a thrilling and knowledgeable experience that will have your customers talking about your company long after they’ve left the track. 


Staff Day – Looking to train staff or reward your team for a job well done? Let CPDA show your staff why your company is the best to work for. Reinforce product knowledge with a great team building event!

Other Events


Fundamental Driving Experience


Discover the first steps to better driving while enjoying a day at the track. This fundamental event offers certified instructors with classroom and track exercises designed to improve your participant’s everyday driving skills. Before they’ve reached the driver’s seat, your participants will learn to better handle their vehicle. Once their seat belts are fastened, they’ll test their skills with precise breaking, emergency lane changes, and a competitive social slalom.


Novice Winter Ice Challenge


What better way to take advantage of our Alberta winter than to go driving! CPDA offers a driving experience unlike any other -- join us on a frozen lake and learn how to better handle your vehicle on an icy track setting. Knowledgeable instructors introduce drivers to numerous activities, including a precision slalom, drifting, track driving, and more!


Looking to cater to your more skilled clients? Ask us for details!

Want to know more about CPDA Group Events?


Email or contact us below for more information.

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