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Advanced Track Event - contact for pricing

Experience an adrenaline pumping day at the track while learning about the building blocks to racecar driving. Knowledgeable staff will introduce drivers to on-track training while explaining dynamic driving in detail.


This  event introduces drivers to the building blocks of racecar driving. Begin your experience with classroom instruction by certified instructors who explain driving dynamics in acute detail. Learn about the physics of driving, and its effect on your skill and handling. CPDA will provide extensive knowledge to better the driver’s ideal line. Activities include: skilled overtaking, high speed breaking into a corner, analyzing ideal lines and improvement with video recording.

Activity Descriptions

Auto Cross:

A crowd pleaser! CPDA’s Timed Auto Cross, combines the best of each activity to give drivers a chance to push their limits! Physics come in to play quickly as the driver avoids cones and begins feeling under steer and over steering. Quickly drivers learn the best breaking points versus when to use the gas pedal to avoid hitting cones. The more precise the run, the better the time, so drive carefully!


High Speed Corner Braking:

CPDA introduces drivers to high speed breaking while entering a corner. Drivers will experience how their car handles testing the physics of g-force. This exercise helps the driver learn to better handle their vehicle while controlling braking pressure. By setting the skill level, high speed corner braking prepares participants for dynamic driving on the track.


High Speed Overtaking into Corner:

Drivers will receive instruction for a first hand experience to overtaking other drivers in tight situations. This exercise instructs drivers to learn to overtake a car before a corner or chicane. By leaving the ideal line, the driver is trained to find the right braking point while adjusting their steering and entry angle before the other car. This will successfully allow the driver to overtake other cars safely on the track. 


Guided driving on the race track:

CPDA’s Certified Instructors lead the way while drivers learn about the racetrack. By following the lead instructor car, each driver will have a chance to learn about turn-ins, apex points, and accelerating out of a corner. CPDA will teach drivers to properly maneuver through chicanes all while driving the ideal line of a professional driver.


Ideal Line Video Recording:

This exercises gives participants the opportunity to follow the instructor car to copy their ideal line. Individually drivers are to overtake the instructor car to drive their ideal line while being recorded. Ideal line video recording provides drivers the ability to drive their ideal line with their controlled speed and braking. After the course, drivers are given the opportunity to review their video with an instructor.

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