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Welcome to Canadian Performance Driving Academy. 

Based in Edmonton, Alberta. CPDA works with race car drivers, sports car owners, and driving enthusiasts looking to build their skill level. We provide one on one personalized classes to group training sessions on both track and ice.


During the Spring and Summer seasons we focus on driver training at the racetrack. We combine on and off the track activities to build the driver's level of knowledge and expertise. Our Winter season is spent out at a frozen lake where we offer both personalized one on one driver training, and group events. We focus on vehicle control, and how to improve you speed and handling while drifting on ice. 

Our lead instructor, Yoshi Hildenbrand comes with worldwide experience on racetracks. With ample knowledge, CPDA is able to provide you with a personalized program fitted to your experience and focus.


To inquire about our current programs, or hiring CPDA visit our contact page.

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